Need a New PC Speaker System? 3 Things You Need to Know

By Arion Legacy

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    With so many brands, shapes, and colors that speaker systems come in these days, it can become a real headache finding one that fits your needs.

    You can be sitting there wondering “Well, I just want a great quality, great looking, and affordable speaker system, I’m not too big on the techy stuff”, and it’s okay because we get it, technical specifications can look like gibberish to the non-audiophile person.

    But sometimes it’s what you do or don’t know that makes all the difference; luckily, we are here to take some this “confusing jargon” and break it down for you into easy to understand language so that you can take the guessing game out of choosing your next PC speaker.

    If you’re in the market for a new PC speaker system and feel overwhelmed with all the choices and don’t know where to start, we will share with you these 3 things you need to know to buy the pc speaker that’s right for you.

    #1. The Material of the Subwoofer/Speakers DO Matter

    The construction of the speaker system and the materials they are made of have a BIG impact on the sound quality. The majority of speaker systems you find on the market today will either be made of plastic or wood. Can you guess which one is the worse option?

    If you guessed plastic, you are 100% right. While plastic may help manufacturers cut costs, it leaves you paying for it with poor quality. Plastic enclosures used with speaker systems will create distorted, muddy sounds (yuck). Wooden enclosures help make the sound tight and accurate.

    #2. Wattage? Peak? Frequency Range? What?

    Wattage in speaker systems will always be broken down into two categories - Peak and RMS. The # of Peak Wattage tell you how loud the speaker system can go (for a short period of time of course), while the RMS Wattage tells you how loud it can go for extended periods of time without incurring damage).

    The Frequency Response tells you the range of sound of the speaker system. A wide frequency response means the the system is able to capture low, heavy bass notes as well as high, clarity ones. If you want is a speaker system for gaming, music, and movies, you want a fairly large frequency response so that it performs well in all of those activities.

    #3. 2.0 vs 2.1 Channel Speakers

    2.0 channel speakers consist of 2 units, usually the speaker satellites. These types of speaker systems are ideal for the home office, notebook/laptop user who want a little better sound than their stock speakers without overkill.

    2.1 channel speakers consist of 3 units, 2 speaker satellites and a subwoofer. These types of speakers are for you if you’re looking to bring OOMPH to your PC, gaming consoles, or TV.

    Other Things to Consider

    While most of the topics covered today were related to the product, it helps to keep in mind the reputation of the brand and their pre and post sale customer support. Do they offer real live-time support from an actual person? Do they have resources available to help you set-up or troubleshoot their product? And if something goes wrong, do they make the return process easy and hassle free?

    We hope these simple tips help make it less of a headache the next time you buy a speaker system. Decide what type of speaker system you need, understand the specs of the system, and then find a brand you can like and trust to take care of you.

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