Urban Zen Headphones with Volume Control and Premium Case, for Kids Women Travel Work and Music (Buddha Black)

By Urban Zen

$ 24.99

This stylish pair of headphones is for those youthful at heart and love to express their individuality

Includes premium carrying case with carabiner clip so you can clip it on your jeans or backpack

Medium size, over the ear cups with 40mm acoustic drivers produce good bass suitable for rock and heavy metal songs

The Urban Zen is a special collection of headphones that represent your ultimate form of self-expression – a blend where your music and fashion unite to reflect who you really are. With iconic themes based around the ideas of peace, strength, and pride – each headphone is designed to evoke your individuality and originality. For all of those that seek a renewed sense of purity and a release from the past, Cleansing – Return to Innocence marks the beginning of your rebirth. Zen Sound – Peace & Harmony is created for the individuals that embody the ultimate form of love, tranquility, and serenity in nearly all aspects of life. To aid you on your journey through hardship and struggle, Koi – Take the Road Less Traveled provides you with the highest forms of resilience, spirit, and determination. With the Samurai – Strength of Character, it’s designed for the individuals that practice loyalty and integrity with utmost faith as an essential way of life.

UPC: 718122135240
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